Rakuten Marketplace Toolbox

Welcome to the new Rakuten Marketplace Toolbox, enabling you to sell on Play.com!

Our philosophy at Rakuten Marketplace is all about empowering merchants to grow their business and help them hit their targets.

Therefore within the Merchant Toolbox, in addition to the standard order management tools (listings, sales, refunds, feedback etc), you have marketing tools available that put you in control of promoting your products and your store, including:

  • Designing your Merchant Store

  • Ability to advertise on Play.com, through Ad Sales (Website, Email and Search Terms)

  • Create promotions using our SuperPoints functionality

  • Emailing your customer base using Rakuten Mail

Need help? Email us at merchant.helpdesk@play.com or call us on 0845 2669651 (08:00-18:30 weekdays).